Dirk Busse

AirHelp’s VP of Marketing Dirk Busse is an experienced and accomplished Marketing
Over his career, Busse has worked across business development and change
management, as well as leadership in agile ecommerce development. He also has
experience in branding and digital marketing for online and offline.
Busse is a creative VP with a strong affinity for numbers.
For Busse, a key factor to
success is the ability to create functioning synergies between processes and
departments. His marketing background includes graduate experience working for BMW
and 3M Germany GmbH. In his free time, Busse is a sports enthusiast, particularly
windsurfing and sailing.

Hélio Vogas

The second speaker we are going to introduce to you is Hélio Vogas.
He was born in a slum a couple hours from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Besides Brazil, he lived in the US, Argentina, Czech Republic and now in Greiz, Germany.
His idea is that taking big risks doesn't necessarily mean exposing oneself to danger. His talk makes comparison between business and personal risks.

Being an extreme sport aficionado, martial artist and stunts professional himself, Vogas experienced what it means to take risks. And being a young father he also knows how important a safety net can be.

Ingrid & Benjamin Hjertefølger

Ingrid Hjertefølger is born in 1982, Benjamin is born in 1984, both in Sandhornøy in Northern Norway.
They grew up together, as neighbours. Ingrid always said she’d marry Benjamin when they were kids!
They are both rooted in permaculture and enviromentalism.

They built the naturehouse in 2012-2013, and live there with their four kids. It is the only nature house in Norway and the only cob house inside a geodesic dome in the world. They want to share the joy of building naturally and sustainable.

Katharina Tanimura

Katharina Tanimura is an innovation researcher turned business strategies and entrepreneur.
With her talks topic ``Modern Slow`` she helps busy women and men to find more focus and calm in their lives.

After the birth of her son Katharina became passionate about finding a way to pursue a fulfilling job and a rich family life without getting lost or burnt out in the process. Her goal is to inspire busy women to make bold choices so that they can design their lives according to their individual priorities.

Johannes Güntner

Since the release of the “Oculus Rift” (2013), so for about 5 years I’m highly amazed by the development and possibilities of Virtual Reality. Therefore I bought the developer version of the Oculus Rift and engaged into developing a variety of projects. Fortunately I was able to meet a variety of people in Tokyo, which also spend a lot of time developing and thinking about the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality.
Through those conversations a lot of great ideas for this technology regarding education triggered my inspiration I now want to share with other people.
In my near future I want to contribute to projects related to Virtual and Augmented Reality, and think about creating an organization or company which will create products and software for Virtual or Augmented Reality.

Lukas Wildner

Lukas WIldner dedicated his academic life to the study of energy and environmental system technology in Ansbach after finishing his apprenticeship as an electrician. His focus lies on enabling a sustainable energy supply through using the plurality of the connection of different energy systems.
He is currently working on the system integration of micro algae, which will be the base of his talk.
He finds compensation for his technical work as co-initiator of an Ultimate Frisbee group.