Get a sneak peek at the speakers of this years TEDxOTHRegensburg event.

Andrea Beil

Andrea Beil has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16, founded 4 different businesses, national and international and now speaks and teaches internationally to help professionals be more sucessful.

After guiding thousands of people over the past 15 years and overcoming many obstacles herself, she developed a method on how to reach beyond your imaginary, unconscious limitations. In her talk she will share this method and speak about the importance of authenticity and mindfulness.

Max Plach

The evolution revolution – or what happens in the field of biomedical technology largely unnoticed by the public?

Max has earned his PhD in biophysics and computational biology at the University of Regensburg. He is now Chief Scientific Officer of 2bind, a dynamic and growing company focused on providing biophysical research services for biotech and pharma industries. It is therefore no wonder that Max closely follows the latest breakthroughs and developments in biotech and biomedical technology. He is a long viewer and listener of TED talks; the more exotic, the better. Or who doesn’t remember the talk about the world’s worst city flags? In his free time, Max plays baseball with the Red Spartans, a Regensburg City League team.

Iris Schlagwein


Kein Haus? Kein Problem! Seit drei Jahren lebt die Autorin und selbstständige Life-Coach Iris Schlagwein ohne Haus oder Wohnung. Mit ihrem ungewöhnlichen Lebenstil definiert sie das Konzept „Zuhause“ neu. In ihrem Talk spricht sie über ihre Erfahrung zuhause zu sein, ohne ein Zuhause zu haben.

Dr. Nikolai A. Behr

Be a Teacher – Be a Student

Besides being one of Europe’s leading experts in media training Nikolai A. Behr is also an entrepreneur, voice actor, and producer of image films.

While being on the hunt for new skills to learn or exciting experiences to have, he discovered his love for teaching. With his talk „Be A Teacher – Be A Student“ Nikolai aims to stress the importance of (lifelong) learning while showing that anyone is also able to teach something.

Peter Holzer

Courage needs a Voice

We communicate today more than ever before. Yet we are strangely speechless: millions of tweets, posts and Likes are in heavy contrast to a profound Lack of orientation, clarity and standing -not only of the Individuals-, for the entire society aswell.
Between continuous twittering and silence, between talkativeness and more resigned silence it’s more important than ever before to follow your own inner voice.
It takes courage. Courage to find the inner attitude. And courage to stand up for it and open their mouths.

Richard Jaimes

From Ordinary To Amazing

With almost 20 years of professional experience within transnational corporations in different industries, Richard has had the opportunity to develop his skills and expertise in Leadership, Strategic Foresight, Emotional Intelligence and Innovation. He will share the principles needed to help teams take a step beyond and transform from ordinary to amazing, pointing out that topical knowledge is not the only element to take into account when creating amazing teams. Richard will illustrate these principles by sharing one story from his personal experience of taking a group of people with no common knowledge of baseball, no special skills in the sport, and creating in a short time the best performing team in the local league. These important principles can be applied as a leader or as a team member to just about any team.