Eva Schuckmann is a professor, mentor, consultant and former entrepreneurial manager as well as manager of her family’s winery. Her professorship covers technology-related topics of digital marketing – a teaching and research area that she makes tangible for her students and future leaders at university also through practical applications. Her particular focus is on customer centricity, user experience and customer journey management, digital prototyping, data and web analysis and future ideas of digital marketing.

Eva Schuckmann grew up on her family’s vine estate, where, in addition to working in the cycle of nature, she learnt that people look for stories and experiences, meaningful products, develop emotions and want to find ‘the old in the new’. She has carried this knowledge through the stages of her personal and professional development ever since. ‘The old in the new’ such as the connection between the physical and the digital inspires her and at the same time generates exciting questions that she addresses: How will technology-driven developments and opportunities, particularly with regard to new ‘worlds’ and experiences through AR, MR and VR, affect and complement our (commercial) relationships, behaviour and lifestyles? What are desirable utopias of the metaverse as a vision of a future interconnected internet in which the boundaries between physical and digital finally merge? In which scenarios and ‘cases’ should companies invest in the future to create value for both customers and themselves?

Eva Schuckmann has always cultivated her reflective, controversial view of complex issues during her doctorate at the renowned business school WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management as well as, for example, during her consulting work for Porsche Consulting, Porsche Design and Publicis Sapient (today’s name). With this, she also supports young founders, whom she mentors, regardless of whether they are dealing with physical and/or digital topics. Promoting the next generation is her heartfelt concern.



Carolin Wittmann is a young director who believes that stories change our world and that narratives of every kind have a much greater impact on our reality than we realize. Since a young age, she has been passionately engaged with the construction and nature of different perspectives through the conception and realization of short films, the writing of poetry, and later a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies with a language scholarship. In 2021, she was honored for her lyrical works as a winner of the German „Lyrix“ prize for young poetry. Her author-film debut „The Threshold Country“ received state funding, was screened in the local round of the Landshut Short Film Festival, and won several awards including Best Director at the Mannheim Arts and Film Festival. The short film, which sensitively shows the interpersonal effects of medially constructed, racist narratives and also calls for social dialog, is to be used in schools and educational institutions in the future to create more understanding for the other side. Wittmann considers films and narratives of all kinds to play an essential role in a peaceful social understanding, as they can break open the social bubbles that divide society horizontally and vertically through media, propagandistic, economic, and one-dimensional social narratives. She is currently living and working in Munich.



Yusuf Altınışık, born in 1992, is a man of many names and roles. Starting off as an „educational nomad,“ he embarked on a remarkable journey from his hometown of Dachau through Würzburg and Schweinfurt to Portugal. There, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in English and German Studies before eventually returning to his hometown of Munich to earn his Master’s in Cultural & Cognitive Linguistics. Alongside, he studied Intercultural Communication and adopted the nickname „Mr. Mutabor,“ Latin for someone who is ready to say, „I will change/transform“ – a reference to his continuous personal and professional metamorphosis.

During his interdisciplinary studies, Yusuf worked as a freelance lecturer, trainer, and coach, specializing in potential development as well as intercultural and democratic communication. As an „Interculturalist,“ as he likes to call himself, he focused his Master’s thesis on his passion – coaching for more effective language instruction for teachers. After becoming certified as an intercultural trainer, he offers intercultural training for schools and teachers.

Yusuf’s career initially led him to a start-up, where he worked as a trainer and coach for hybrid collaboration. This was his first encounter with agile work, in which he thrived, ultimately leading to his role as a Change Management Consultant, a position he held until January 2023.

Today, Yusuf works as a Scrum Master in an IT service company, further embracing the title of „Agilist.“ He continues his commitment to training and coaching in agile collaboration, intercultural communication, and potential development, seeing himself as a „bridge builder,“ his fifth and most fitting nickname.



Stephanie Steiner is a poet and performing artist from Ingolstadt.

She was professionally trained in dance in Munich and New York City and studied theatre and film in Vienna. Stephanie appeared on African national tv as a judge for the dance show “Maltina Dance All” and worked as a creative director for product launches and music videos in Nigeria.

For more than 15 years, she has shared her love for dance as a dance teacher in various dance schools in Vienna and Munich, in school projects and in her own dance school.

Writing has been Stephanie´s second passion since her childhood. When she came across poetry and its freedom and versatility of expression, she knew it was the perfect art form besides dance to speak her mind and express her emotions. She has written two poetry books.

Stephanie is the founder of #poetrymeetsmotion, a performance concept that combines poetry and dance in a vibrant symbiosis. She performed her solo piece “Wortgewaltig”, a combination of poetry, dance and video at the Tanztage Ingolstadt 2023.

Her versatility and love for new challenges allows Stephanie to continuously expand her artistic skills. Currently she is gaining experience as a stage presenter and interviewer and working on her own entertainment show.

Stephanie´s mission is to inspire and empower people worldwide with her art.



Meet Fabian Engl, a dynamic researcher making waves at the Laboratory for Safe and Secure Systems within the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg. With a keen focus on usability and user experience (UX), Fabian is pioneering the exploration of eye-tracking technology to further bridge the gap between humans and machines. His academic journey took off with a dual study program in business informatics, leading him from Continental to Vitesco Technologies, where he specialized in People Analytics and the strategic use of personal data within cooperations. His passion for data-driven solutions led to the implementation of machine-learning algorithms aimed at predicting and mitigating employee turnover.

Since 2023, Fabian works for the EU-funded project “Digital Innovation Ostbayern” (DInO), where he consults SMEs on the frontiers of usability engineering. His doctoral research builds upon this rich foundation in data science, delving into how the combination of eye-tracking and machine learning can improve human machine interaction.

At TEDx Regensburg, Fabian will unravel the mysteries of eye-tracking technology, showcasing its potential applications. Join him as he reveals how our eyes could be the key to crafting more intuitive, efficient, and human-centric digital experiences.



With over two decades of experience in dynamic, project-centric, technical, and people management roles within the Information Technology sector, Lilantha Karunaratne has consistently demonstrated adept leadership and management capabilities. His proficiency extends to strategic business initiatives, showcasing a proven track record of swift adaptation to evolving industries and technologies. Leveraging technology to drive profitability and operational efficiency has been a hallmark of Lilantha’s career.

 In essence, his approach involves stepping into challenging business scenarios and proclaiming, „There’s got to be a better way.“ Lilantha excels at navigating organizations through obstacles, aligning them with their goals. His unique skill set combines expertise in critical business areas with practical, intuitive management skills. As a motivated and dynamic problem-solver, he possesses the ability to comprehend the broader picture, envision challenges, marshal resources, and motivate team members—all executed with energy, resourcefulness, and tenacity.

 Powered by a combination of technical prowess and the ability to inspire and empower individuals, he excels at fostering a collaborative and high-performing team environment. Of particular note is his inclusive leadership style which enhances collaboration and employee development, while ensuring that all team members reach their full potential and contributing to overall team success and organizational growth.


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